Creating Systems for Revitalizing Communities
We create business models + collaborative spaces to revitalize communities and the ecosystems they live with.
Our Mission…
To create enriching, community-driven business models and spaces that drive collaboration for systems evolution on larger scales overtime
Our Vision
Humans working in partnership with the natural world towards higher orders of mutual fulfillment.
We work with community-driven social innovators
Nonprofits seeking to leverage their current programs and capabilities for creating a resilient earned income model so they can expand their services and holistic impact.
Community Businesses
Ventures or cooperatives seeking to generate beyond financial wealth for their communities and more-than human ecosystems.
Innovative Foundations
and other social innovation capacity-building groups to create more connective spaces for ventures to co-create while distributing capital in pioneering and collaborative ways.
Our Work
Silvi: From Reforestation Pilot → Community-Driven Reforestation Platform
We've been helping Silvi, a for-profit startup, develop their concept, messaging, pilots, and fundraising strategy for a platform that enables transparency and wealth building in community driven reforestation efforts


Reforestation for everyone. Silvi is accelerating global reforestation through building a platform for community-driven reforestation

BCIITY Data Co-op: From Coalition → Power Building Co-operative Business Model
We're working with BCIITY (Baltimore City Intergenerational Initiative for Trauma and Youth) to design and fund a co-operative business model with a process that engages community and activates multi-stakeholder collaboration around a powerful shared purpose to uplift Black Communities in Baltimore.



We exist to incubate, catalyze and maximize the efforts and impact of Black-led, youth serving organizations in order to build thriving communities.

Think Regeneration: Changing the Food System Through Regenerative Agriculture
We've helped Think Regeneration plan out their fundraising and key partnerships to create regional regenerative agriculture hubs through ecosystems research and partnership strategy.

Think Regeneration

Think Regeneration

Accelerating change in the food supply through our regenerative agriculture programs, expertise, and partnerships.

Teacher Solutions Summit: Collaborating to Empower Teachers Across Arizona
Starting with Million Dollar Teacher Project, we've created a concept for an event and collaborative incubator for teacher support organizations across Arizona to collaborate, build capacity, and create higher orders of systemic change through facilitated spaces for collective creation.
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Our Approach to Systems Evolution
We aim to create business models for evolution - the next level to "systems change"
Our Approach:


Transformative Design Strategy
Transform the lens with which you see yourself & your organization.
Expand your ability to see & catalyze unique opportunities.
👁 Explore your place as a design partner: Envision your stakeholders and land as a living system & the ideal future you're all working towards.
👁 Discover the unique role only you can play in their evolution: Clarify your unique value & potential in your specific place.
👁 Explore intentional collaborations with key partners: Align with others who share your vision & are working towards the same ideal future.
👁 Design Innovative Projects: Create programs, initiatives, business models, events, or strategic plans that drive collaborative execution & evolution.
→ We've combined our previous experience in business model design, creative strategy, & strategic planning with regenerative frameworks created by pioneers like Regenesis and Carol Sanford to create a potent approach to strategy that brings expansion & execution.


Expansive Events
Catalyze & accelerate collaborations for systems change in a co-creative, participatory space.
☁️ Uncover the shared purpose between your organization & those you need to work with to succeed.
☁️ Engage your partners to envision the ideal future that's created when you are working together towards your shared purpose.
☁️ Design & activate creative collaborations that enable you & your partners to create higher levels of value for each other & the greater whole.
☁️ Build systemic momentum by creating containers that increase participants' ability to align with & contribute towards your shared purpose.


Conscious Communication
Design a fully-expressed brand, website, & content that magnetizes & activates valuable, aligned relationships.
🪐 Create a magnetic & inspiring brand: Weave your brand identity, visual direction, & ways of communicating to orient with your regenerative strategy.
🪐 Communicate on a quantum level: Amplify your purpose to enlist valuable allies with a presence & expression that inspires both on & offline.
→ Once we expand our ability to visualize & express your potential coming to life through Transformative Design Strategy, we curate your communication approach that attracts the partners you need to bring your project to life with ease & clarity.


Intentional Fundraising
Fundraise more effectively. Access capital without the struggle, divisive language, or mission drift.
🌱 Identify aligned, high leverage funding partners that can bring you more than just financial support to bring your vision to life.
🌱 Activate collaborative fundraising with implementation partners that we discover via regenerative strategy & attract in conscious communication.
🌱 Effectively allocate funds with clarity, confidence, & creativity so you can move outside of your silo & constant fighting for incremental change to move into the space of true systemic evolution.
→ Set yourself up for effortless & intentional fundraising efforts through Transforming Strategy & Conscious Communication so you know exactly who to raise from, how to approach them, & where you'll allocate funds to increase your positive impact.
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How we can work together

Custom Engagement

A unique approach to manifesting your potential to evolve systems Week 1: DISCOVERY Together, we dive deep into your place, strategy, goals, & needs with a thorough & clarifying Discovery process. Week 2-4: DESIGN We design a unique approach that blends strategy, communication, fundraising, & events with the aim to uncover & unlock your ability to grow into your fullest potential. Then, we find experienced collaborators from our network that can take the project to the next level & present our ideas in a custom-packaged proposal. Week 4 & Beyond: IMPLEMENT + EVOLVE Bring your vision to life through executing on the proposal we've created together. We're here to support you through the process with regular check-in meetings & clear execution. Investment: $5,000 – $100,000 Schedule an Intro Call to get started

Holistic Guidance

Guidance & companionship on your journey of self & systems evolution In this way of working, we act as Guides, sharing 4-10 hours a month to work through your most pressing & high-value projects. We bring in specialists as needed, with expertise ranging from complex supply chains to grant writing to immersive events to personal productivity to embodying Gaian consciousness. You can also access guidance through slack at any time. Discovery If you haven’t already had a Discovery session, you can hop on with the founders of Interform to explore if Holistic Guidance would serve your needs & create transformative value. Onboarding We set you up with a regular cadence to receive guidance & show you how to get the most value from our async support. We also tap in Guides with specific areas of expertise & match you with an Anchoring Guide. Evolution You receive 4-10 hours of guidance and capacity support time per month, with usage spread as needed on a regular & flexible cadence. You're be able to message your Anchor or Supporting Guides at anytime to receive asynchronous support when it’s most needed. Investment: $800 – $2,000 Per Month Schedule an Introductory Call to get started

Evolution Space

A developmental space for design practitioners & unique talent pool for client projects We do a lot of different things. Events, strategy, fundraising, communications — it's a lot to do at once for two humans. That's why we have an ecosystem of support. 💜 The Community of Wholeness enables access to experienced practitioners in all of those things. The people in it are also constantly improving their skills by being a part of the community. They're not a full-time member of our team, so it keeps costs lower for you. However, they're available for a few hours at a time, which is all we need to design an approach worthy of systems evolution. A safe, intentional space to grow your capacity in healing yourself & others through your work. We see the Community of Wholeness as a group of people intentionally developing themselves & each other in their work to make human societies & systems whole – in harmony with the natural world. We aim to go beyond “net-zero” or “solving the climate crisis” into addressing the spiritual crisis that has arisen from our disconnection with our true nature as creators & stewards of this beautiful Earth upon which we have chosen to live. You can be a strategist, designer, entrepreneur, healer, artist, grant writer, event planner, or anyone else who is inspired by this line of work. Pre-Register for the Community of Wholeness

Who We Are
We’re an ecosystem of practitioners discovering how we might help human systems transform to harmonious relationship with our planet.
On this journey, we’ve explored strategy, psychology, communications, quantum mechanics, business model design, ecology, regenerative design, & multidimensional economic models that all inform our approach.
In all that we do, we seek to help people & the organizations they create move through these phases of evolution, increasing their ability to bring people into the process as they go.
In working with us, you're working with a team that understands the trauma inherent in our world, but has the clarity to see the potential for a better future.
We see the inner and outer work as fundamentally inseparable in any systems evolution efforts & are constantly developing our inner worlds to shape our systems with more clarity, love, & presence.
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💚 From Our Collaborators
Thanks for the rejuvenating strategy session! 
Rachel and I felt much more empowered to take on the next steps. We also had a wonderful turnout at our Climate Night event which has started some conversations with the community and nonprofits about the ideas we talked about at our session. 
  • Megan, Climate Designers L.A. Chapter
Adam has known the exact questions to ask that have supported me in aligning with the way I truly want to work in the world… I have worked with other business coaches, and Adam is the first one who has supported me in a way that has allowed me to become the holistic practitioner I have been envisioning yet unable to achieve on my own. I always feel energized and focused for my next step when we get off a call. I am immensely grateful for our paths crossing and for the opportunity to work with him.
  • Jenny G
To regeneration & beyond,
Adam French
Strategy Officer & Co-Founder
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