Living Systems Strategy
Manifest your potential to transform systems
Grow into strategic clarity, surface hidden potential, and make your systems change project come alive.
Are you looking to create a powerful strategy, program, or business model for systems change?
Do you feel like you're in a place with loads of untapped potential?
Does it feel difficult to decide where to focus your energy for maximum effect?
Welcome to the Living Systems Strategy Workshop, a transformative experience designed to create powerful clarity with visionaries, change-makers, and community leaders like you.
This workshop guides you from stuck-ness and indecision to expanded understanding and creating as a force in our dynamic and interconnected web of life.
Put the Pieces Together to Become Exponentially Greater
As someone who works in a complex and interconnected space, it can be difficult to prioritize and actualize all of the opportunities to create a positive impact.
This workshop will equip you with frameworks to see the whole beyond the parts, allowing you to envision, organize, and create projects that benefit each other and deeply resonate with your community.
Explore Your Ecosystem → Evolve Your Approach
In this facilitated strategy process, we'll:


Define Your Unique Place and Potential
Explore your unique background, community, and geographical location (aka your "place"). This is the living system within which you are best positioned to make a transformative impact on a local and greater scale.
We'll identify other key stakeholders in your place and explore how you can align with them to actualize or deepen mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • What ideological and geographic places do you exist within?
  • What's the shared purpose that aligns you with your partners?
  • What's the unique potential in your place at this moment?


Explore Your Vision
From a clear understanding of your place as a being, we'll explore the power within you - your skills, experience, connections, and ways of being - to uncover the unique value you can create for your place, and how that can contribute to the shared purpose you're working towards with the other key stakeholders.
  • How do we measure success in this project? What are the indicators we're moving in the right direction?
  • What does it look like when the unique potential of our project is fulfilled? What value is created for the larger ecosystem?


Create an Integrative Approach To Deliver Transformative Value
After we identify your place, potential, and unique gifts, we'll create an integrative approach that surfaces the projects, business models, or investments you can double down on to create a ripple effect of positive impact in your place.
  • In an ideal future, who are we collaborating with? How? Why?
  • What business, program, or approach could we apply to catalyze collaboration and mutual value creation towards our shared purpose?
  • How will we raise awareness and bring people together around what we're building? How will we deliver to actualize potential collaborations?


Bring it All Together
After the workshop, you'll receive a recording and document with an outline of the key strategic elements of your project. This can be a foundation for the content in a business plan, grant application, pitch deck, or website. It can also bring your team and partners up to speed with what you're doing or be the inspiration from which you create new products, services, or partnerships.
Meet Your Guide
Hi! I'm Adam French. I've worked with dozens of social entrepreneurs as an advisor, strategist, designer, and most recently regenerative practitioner.
My toolkit includes business model design frameworks, strategy roadmaps, regenerative thinking frameworks, breathwork, visualization, tai-chi and yoga inspired movement.
If you feel resonance with this offering, I'd love to focus 2 hours on helping you surface an approach to create transformative value for your place.
Adaptable, Dynamic, Living Strategy
Through the Living Systems Strategy workshop, you can:
  • Clarify your high level approach to start applying for grants.
  • Create new programs or business models that align with your overall purpose of systems change.
  • Find opportunities to weave existing projects together to create more value and systemic shifts.
  • Gain the strategic clarity you need to start taking action with conviction.
Are You Ready To Explore and Manifest Your Potential?
If you're in a tough spot financially you can request a scholarship by messaging